Becoming a Friend of The Phil

All are welcome to join our Choir family by becoming a Friend of the Phil, who, together with choir members, partners and families share a common interest and pleasure in choral music.

In addition to supporting the Choir and the opportunity to attend as many concerts as you wish, there are several benefits and bonuses exclusively available to Friends. For a modest annual subscription you receive:

  1. A free quarterly draw with a prize of £25 each quarter.
  2. A half price ticket for our annual summer concert.
  3. £1 off any other tickets bought for concerts at which the choir sings, when bought from the Friends Administrator, on top of any other concessions.
  4. Quarterly newsletters.
  5. An open invitation to participate in Choir social events and trips

Contact The Friends

If you are interested in joining the friends of the choir please contact us using the form below.
Please answer the question below to ensure that a human, not an automated program, is completing this form. How many eyes has a typical person? Please answer with a single digit number.